fuck me...

Friday, Feb. 06, 2004 10:21

seems like

arms reaching out

middle fingers touching

looks like its beautiful

underneath its a lie

distance kept



random catch phrases,

"all's fair, in love and war"


fingers pushing

no longer three dimensions

flow right through

to the other side

brains and hearts

mixed together

knowledge passed

like artificial instinct

in the end

we ended up facing

back to back

against both of our

better judgment

tounges heavy

with denial

and the truth is

we found NOTHING wrong with this?

we dont bother

pissing on levity

we dont

think of

Not manipulating

each other into

being honest.

or our mockery of it

laughing out loud

we find nothing wrong with this.

black outs


broken necks

penguins dancing while

seals playing their beat

red dots floating

pretty pictures

people living in the light

crawling to the

bathroom toilet

passing out

door...? door...? door...?

dont bother eating



just go around

running on empty

and we find NOTHING wrong with this...

(laughs very much)

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