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Not All Of Them
Friday, Feb. 06, 2004 23:11

This is the first short story i have ever written that expresses how my mind works as a writer. It isn't edited but I want somewhere to save it right now... It is based on a dream I had today and I felt it was story material, so I wrote it... right now it's called 'not all of them'

Daddy walked in and showed me what I had won. For all the work i'd put into it i finally had something to show, money, lots of it. Enough for maybe a lamp even. He poured it onto the table from the burlap sack and i pushed my

arms through it like it was a curtain. The powedery white currency felt very soft on my skin, and was very very difficult to wash off later.

I got the broom from the kitchen and i killed mother with it. I don't remember it right now but I remember the red blood on

the yellow handle, and i remember putting her in the bag. My friends helped me though. They like to be used,

i think they like to feel useful. I don't know where they are now though. I don't know when it happened but i did it to the rest

of them too. Everyone in the special costume. I just put them in the bags with mother. They weren't even heavy.

I had to cut them up so they'd fit though. But I used a saw from Daddy's cellar so I could get through easier-like. There must have been

at least ten of them. I doubt they saw it coming at all, but i don't think it matters either.

Police: Is that him?

Police: Yeah, that's him.

Police: Come outside now.

Me: Okay, be out in a minute.

I looked away from the open little window in the television room where i sat with my brother and made my way up to the field where they

waited for me. I noticed they had both of the bags and I thought maybe i should have used green instead of clear garbage bags.

Police: What'd she do? Kill them all?

Me: Not all of them.

I smiled of course.

The policeman sat me down on the bed of the hotel room.

There were two beds, and i got the one by the wall.

Police: Okay mam, i need you to us what you did.

Me: The whole story?

Police: Yes, just write it all down.

Me: I don't remember all of it.

Police: It's okay Ray, just do your best.

Me: Well she was in the dining room, and she was already dead. But i wanted her to be smaller, so i made my friends help me,

they were designed for this kind of thing. Cheetah. Cheetah. Dog. Cat. Leopard. Panther. I might be missing some of them.

When they were done i put her in the bag and carried her down to the main floor. I went out with her in my arms and collected

the rest of them. I put them all in the bags (i had two by now) and brought them home. When I got to the cellar, daddy was following me around

the bend. He knew what i had done and he was so mad at me. So I went around the last corner looking for the door, but all there was was a tiny

window, and i'd never fit through that. Daddys started yelling at me on the way back so I did it to him too. I put him in the bag with everyone else

and it looked like christmas. Everything was red and white. I took the bags and went out to the field by our houses, I dumped the bags into the neighbours'

pile and I went into the television room while the bags stayed outside.

Robert was in there sitting in the dark. A couch against the wall, with the tv facing him turned off. Pictures of us as children lined the wall behind him.

When we were growing up we used to call it the family room, because we would all sit in there together. Mommy. Daddy. Brother Robert

and Brother Ray. I remember this well. I sat down with him and he told me he was mad at me.

Robert: I'm mad at you.

Me: Don't be.

Robert: Why did you do that to them?

Me: You know why.

Me: Will you take care of everyone for me if I you know... get caught?

Robert: I guess

Me: Please, promise me you will.

Robert: I will because we are blood.

Me: All our blood looks the same. I could tell by the broom.

Robert: That broom isn't a broom, its a mop.

Me: But it doesn't need to be wet!

Robert: That doesn't matter anymore... does it?

Me: I guess it never did really.

Robert: Did you put everything away?

Me: Everything is okay.

Robert: Good, did you write down your side of the story.

Me: I'm doing that now aren't I?

Robert: I suppose you are, but this is a memory, so how should I know.

Me: Because you are all i remember perfectly.

Robert: It's always been that way, hasn't it?

Me: Not always, not yet. Always is so short, not like forever. All the ways you can remember is nothing long at all.

Robert: Forever is a long time isn't it?

Me: It used to be longer, before the accident.

Robert: You know it wasn't an accident.

Me: But i didn't mean it.

Robert: You know they are close don't you?

Me: I can feel them too.

Robert: We should say goodbye.

Me: I don't want to.

Robert: I think it would be best.

I moved over and sat on the cushion seperating us, and I felt like we were little brothers again sitting on the couch watching tv. I put my hand

on the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss. We kissed deeply while i rubbed my hand on his leg beside his zipper. But it was over when

the police came. The tap came from the window right above us, and you peered in the window.

You: Is that him?

You: Yeah, that's him.

You: Come outside now.

Me: Okay, be out in a minute.

I looked away from the open little window in the television room where i sat with Robert and made my way up to the field where you

waited for me. I noticed you had both of the bags and I thought maybe i should have used green instead of clear garbage bags.

Then you brought me to this hotel, and gave me this paper and pen. I think I'll keep the pen. Mother is here now with me.

Me: How do I get out of here?

Mother: Hold still, I know just what to do.

She put the eye make-up on me and told me to sit up straight.

Mother: Now just go out to the pier and when a man walks by say "$20 for a meeting."

Me: But won't the police arrest me?

Mother: Just ask them if they want to meet.

Me: Okay.

I got up to leave the room when something pulled me back down onto the bed.

I realized the police men were back in the room, but i couldn't see them. I could almost hear them though.

Me: We are moving closer to Erin aren't we?

Police: Muffled.

Me: Good, I need to tell her this.

Police: Muffled.

Me: I finished writing everything down.

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