fuck me...

i know you know
Saturday, Apr. 24, 2004 19:48

I guess I'm sinverely fucked up. This is my second short story, and i've already gotten 20x kreepier. Well, here it is:

its called "i know you know"

I touched the back of his head.

the hair was so tangled that I didn�t dare run my fingers through it,

only badness could come of that.

((I have experimented with the love of men))

I wondered if he had.

he didn't always say what he meant to say.

he didn't always say what he was saying.

he didn't always say what I thought he said.

I took the shard of glass that used to be a shard of glass that was part of a bottle.

except it wasn't a shard then.

it wasn't called a shard then.

((cut it off))

I started sawing at his beautiful brown hair.

he sat obediently.

I saw that he was obedient.

I was being obedient.

((the quicker you go the quicker you will get what you have requested of me))

I knew it was a trick.

but it didn't matter.

I just liked touching him.

((I know you know, I�m in here too))

I laughed in my head.

he'd hear it better that way.

I would be keeping this hair in the end.

I needed it for Tuesday.

I was almost finished removing all the hair from his head.

((you're almost finished removing all the hair from my head.))

I know

((I know you know, I�m in here too))

we would be going to the bedroom soon.

((sooner than you think.))


((it's time, gather my hair up off of the floor and bring it onto the bed))

I did as I was told, every single strand.

I spread it all over the blanket.

it was almost time.

I was twitching in anticipation.

((take off your clothes))

"okay" I said

((don't talk out loud! that isn�t right, at least right now))

I took off my socks.

I took off my pants.

I took off my boxers.

I took off my tee.

I took off my wig.

((good. lay down on your stomach))

I lied down on my stomach.

((part your legs))

I parted my legs.

((are you ready?))

with my thumb and index finger,

I played with a clump of hair that I had removed from his head earlier.

it felt so coarse.

yes, I'm ready.


he wet me with Vaseline and entered me.

we stayed like that for about three hours as arranged.


he started to thrust in and out for a while.

it hurt.

the Vaseline had dried.

after about two minutes he started going really fast.

he reached underneath me and grabbed my dick.


he was almost there.

it was almost time.

he was groaning a lot now. and I knew he would ejaculate soon.

he was rubbing my dick very fast.

I would also ejaculate soon.

there were some stray strands of his hair that I had taken in-between his hand and my dick.



I ejaculated all over the bed and hair.

as he was about to ejaculate I grabbed the shard and cut off his dick.


he screamed in agony, as I pushed it further inside me.

it was part of me now.

I got up, looked at him and locked him in the room.

he would bleed to death soon.


don�t talk to me.

((don�t you love me anymore boy?))

don�t talk to me.

((don�t you want me anymore boy?)

don�t talk to me.

((let me out.))

don�t talk to me.

((come in here))


((I want to give you a kiss.))

you said you wouldn�t

((I will now, if you give it back to me.))

I cant, its part of me now.

his cool calm exterior had diminished, he was panicked now.

((kiss me))


I went back to the room, and unlocked the door.

I walked over to the bed now covered in semen and blood and hair.

((kiss me))

I climbed on top of the bed and him.

it was so messy, I�d have to throw out these sheets.

I leaned into his mouth and kissed him.

he slid is tongue into my mouth,

and searched my teeth. maybe for scraps of food.

((I love you))

my hand searched for the shard.

I found it in his hand.

together we brought it up above my back and jammed it into his neck.

((tell your mother I said goodbye.))


((I know.))

he was dead for a while before I stopped kissing him.

I made love to him a lot for about three weeks before anyone found us.

they said I was malnourished.

I hadn't left the room.

I�m writing this to you from my cell.

I don�t know if they will try me as an adult.

I think the lowest age they can try that as is 12.

I�m about 3 years younger than that, so I�m safe.

they say what I did was wrong.

we didn�t think so.

I love my boyfriend.

he'll always be a part of me.

they never took it out of me.

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