fuck me...

Thursday, Apr. 15, 2004 15:55

Spring is back and everything is changing and grrrrrowing and making room for the rest of my life. Or the lack thereof. Everything has to change, and it will, 'cos its spring. I went freegan, I have pink hair, a shaved head at the back, i dropped out of school, i'm getting a dinosaur, i started riding my bike, i changed my layout, and everything is made up of Po, the small molecule of possibilities. Even my OCD is changing into something else, something more 'bear'able. the morning doves are cooing at me and the barking doggies are trouncing with more kick in their step. Its much scarier that way. My wisdom teeth are coming in. Im changing physically and mentally. Everything is different than it was 3 minutes ago. It is so beautiful outside that I'm beginning to fear my bedroom. Its so dark in here. Its so dark where i live. I want it to be bright. Like summer and spring and puppies and kittens. I think maybe i'll paint my room. Maybe I'll paint it red. Yellow and red. Maybe orange, just to comprimise with ALbertine. Spring has sprung/sprang/springed up, and im loving every second of it, no need to watch tv, im on my way out now, going to buy a lock for my bike. Too much time in my room is a rip off. Have fun.

P.S. Give me all your things

P.S Erin

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