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My Past Lives
Sunday, Jan. 18, 2004 17:37

The first one I remember was I believe in europe. My name was Kenneth. I had Dirty Blonde and Brown Eyes. It must have been a while ago, because there was no electricity. I live in a cottage with my wife Tara. She had Black Hair and was quite pale for our region. She must have been from somewhere else, infact I think she was. We had two twin girls who had blonde/dirty blonde hair and were older than my only son who had brown hair. My children like Tara more than I and my children saw me as a tough father figure. I lived in a small secluded cottage by a cliff beside an ocean or some large body of water, although im almost certain it was an ocean. There were not many plants or living creatures around, but a lot of trees. The road was made of dirt, not like paved or flattened. Just dirt. I was put there to learn to love and to learn responsibility. When I died both my girls were there with me, we had grown closer after Tara had died. There was a preacher there who i think i had there out of respect for my daughters and Tara. I didnt care much for the church. I did infact complete the responsibility part of my reason for being there. My son went off to raise his own family and was not there for Tara/my passing, just as my parents were not involved in my life. When Tara got sick and then died both my girls were there and were in their late teens/early twenties. My heart broke and I became apathetic, it was hard to love ever since then.

The next life was not as detailed though in my subconcious. My name was Sarah. I had Black hair and copperish skin with freckles. My father was a merchant. I daily helped father kill the animals. We lived on a farm and I was the only child and my mother was gone (who knows where?) I was single and attached to my father. We worked in the courtyard of a small castle.

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