fuck me...

chapter one
May 18, 2004 12:08 am

chapter one

so you walk in, look to the right, and the left. you assess the situation and decide that, though unsafe, you can logically proceed with caution. where do you come in though? when i was 12, jerking off in my father's living room. or when i was 16, sitting at attention on my bed, watching the white wood of my door splintering. when i was 5 and i cautiously hovered my hand over the stove burner to see if it was hot, and then placed my hand on it. or did you come in now? i guess you did, seeing as how this is where i'm letting you in. take a look around. make yourself comfortable. you are going to have to sit on the bed though, because unfortunatley, i dont have a couch. you can examine anything you want. i promise to be respond legitimately to all of your occasional poking and proding. but, it doesnt matter. because im the one narrating here. and because maybe im not. should that have been a question? was that a question? i spend so much time quivering and/or quaking in my shoes, that i dont spend any time just wearing them. i waste so much energy talking myself out of things that in the end im just left bored and irritated. and i am bored. and maybe im a little depressed. i havent seen my boyfriend in a month and i want to see him because i love him and i miss him. what do i look like to you? am i pretty? am i a girl? a guy? i bet i know what you thought. its what they all think. its what i know you thought. you think im a skinny little white girl with blonde hair and big tits right? i bet you want to fuck me. i bet this is turning you on. newsflash: think again.

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