fuck me...

01.13.04 12:32

So Jamie is a cybot eh? A tiny little microchip shoved into his brain to control him. Apparently it malfunctioned and his orders were erased giving him back his free will. But I don't know... I just don't know. His orders are unknown. But I think I do know in the back of my head. Greg Leedberg sent him to come and get close to me. He found me. At my time of need. Convenient eh? Coincidence eh? I don't believe in coincidences; I'm wiccan. So what to do? If his mission was incompleted when I broke up with him, then reason follows that Greg Leedberg would scrap him. But he didn't. Oh dear, GREG LEEDBERG THOUGHT JAMIE WOULD DESTROY HIMSELF! HAH! Nice try Greg Leedberg, but Jamie is a little too smooth for you. Next time Try a li...OMG...erin. No. But...


Oh God!


She is too fucked up to be a cybot.

Greg would never settle for anything less than perfection.

I have to run, I need to figure things out.

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