fuck me...

Monday, Mar. 08, 2004 15:34

casey has fire lips
and swimming pool eyes
style and style
and flitty wings
flit about
fairy girl
if i had a sister
or some sort of family
the fairy girl is what i'd want
my brother is not even close.
subtle differences in wording.
she has fire lips
(he breathes fire)
and swimming pool eyes
(he has drowning eyes)
im jealous.
i always wanted a sister.
we woulda been a tag-team duo.
all i got was matthew.
and that story you know.
i finished my zine early this morning:
I'm Volatile Issue #2 -> Pretty Boy
So yeah... I am going to photocopy it sometime soon. This weekend was alright I guess, i went to my dads house and hung out with bulma. And i met Casey! SHES MAD AS SNAKES!!!!! :D I dont know many fairys (so i dont have a very good frame of reference) but Casey is the best out of all of them. Just because we can't see her wings doesn't mean she can't fly!!! She should live in Toronto and not shitty Bradford. It disturbs me to my core when ignorant assholes grab a fairy from the flower shes sleeping on and pick off her wings. Thats what they are trying to do to her in Bradford. Take her wings, tell her shes a normal human girl and she should give up any hope of being herself. I hate that they cant look past their eyes to see her wings.

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