fuck me...

01.03.04 00:05

Revelations and memories. Marie and I used to go to this place. This house that was sort of a christian place for kids to hang out. I went there about two times. The 2nd time, my leader, like a camp counselor was hugging me and kissing me and holding my hand and touching my thighs and chest. My dad pushed him or punched or something when he found out. I remembered this today. I don't know why I keep remembering these things. What does a fucking perverted 20 year old man have to do with me now? I have never even been close to thinking about that in over 10 years. Why do I remember the house with such detail now. And how come I can't remember exactly what he did. I think he did those things, but maybe he only did one of them. I think my dad hit him, but maybe he yelled. I wont ask my dad. I want to know, but there are things far worse than not knowing the truth. I never went back there. After that I hated basically all males except my teacher Mr.Blago. Mr.Blago died. "You think you know... what's to come... who you are... You haven't even begun." - Tara

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