fuck me...

bleed for him
July 01, 2004 4:45 pm

nish shaves her legs for jamie. he says that he thinks its sexier. i wish that my boyfriend wouldnt think that prepubescent girl-parts are hotter than a womyn's natural body. i know if he just said that he truly thought grrrls with body hair were hot than she wouldnt care. i know she wants not to shave. she slept over last night and shaved her legs this morning for him. her legs were all bloody. i wish she didnt think she would have to bleed for him. i try my best not to be sexist. but sometimes, i am. without realising. i wrote an entry a while that bashed straight men. i said that queer men and all womyn should fight them. but it comes down to more than that. sexism, racism, homophobia etc... i just wish men wouldnt hurt womyn. i wish my bf wouldnt be rampidly sexist. i try my best. and when a womyn tells me i offended her, i get so annoyed with myself. im just like come on caelan, you might want to try to try harder. but i do. i try my very best. just sometimes i slip up. i dont think before i say something, or i dont know a word/term/idea is offensive (i.e i can NOT say trannie, cos im not trans) etc... I cant pull that information out of my ass. But i try my best, and thats all i can give.

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