fuck me...

sewn up
June 15, 2004 7:52 pm

touch the scabby

bumpy foreheads

of all the minions

i never had

i could never be

the big bad

i could never be

the one who does it all

who needs the one thing

that will unlock the gate

to my world

i got nothing going for me

'cept my skin

and i aint got nothing working for me

'cept this skin.

what do i got inside

not brilliant green energy

not a source

all i got

is a small fraction

of what i want

i got the skin

the bones

the intestines

and the eyes

to make it big

and by that i mean

i aint worth shit

i got my bike

my shoes

and my cd player

and i need them all

just to be here

and not break down

i got a bag packed

a bus ticket

and im going

to bed

and hoping against all odds

that in the morning

everything will be different

that i'll be different

this shell is:

90% water

and guess who

was in the bath

fucking TELL ME


just tell me

who the fuck did this

to me

to me



fucking tell me

i got a fucking carcass rotting

i got the fucking wind hammered outta me

i got the fucking cracked skull to prove that

hammers arent just for nails

fuck hes so strong

fuck hes so strong

fuck hes so strong they say

look at him survive

look at him go

all cherries and bubblebaths

all puppies and ferris wheels

look at him smile

and bow

and laugh

like everything is fine

like everythings a joke

so tell me

what the fuck do i owe anyone

so tell me

why the fuck should i care

so fucking explain

why im still here

when i could leave

and keep on pretending

that im all sewn up.

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