fuck me...

he couldn't save him
June 13, 2004 11:04 pm

kill your rapist

and she never got the chance

kill your perpetrator

but she never got the chance

so easy for them to say

kill him

and you know

she shouldnt have to

he should have been put away

locked up

had to live in terror of being assaulted

like she did

like they BOTH did.

he said that she never knew his tounge.

she always knew his tounge.

he said what does this have to do with emily and molly and collin and luke?

she said


and shes right

two womyn who know what incest is like

and he said what do you want

and she said

for you to know what incest tastes like

and he said

i never will

he thought that meant

that there was nowhere to go

but what it really meant was

he had to start

i let tears burn me

about ted

and matthew

and that little boy

no one wanted to save

he was so tiny

like a little egg

so fragile

and his brother always held it

in his hand.

hes got all the power

hes got all the magic

that he could muster

but it still aint enough

to keep the wolves at bay

he cried his blue eyes out

saying he was bad

and saying over again

how he couldnt save david

how he'll never save david

and its so pretty

how i never will

its too late for david

they all call him it

like its his number

but what they dont want to know is

that number was called

too long ago

and what they'll never know is

my brother calls it every night

i cant sleep



without him standing there

asking me

why dont you love me

and i can never bring myself to say

you dont know who you're talking to

i aint him you know

and precious knows his tounge

and i always forget

that im not okay

so please valentine

dont you get it

your pride and joy

wasnt my saviour.

i know what he smells like

with his hand on my mouth

and i know what it feels like

to have his hand on my face

and i hope you'll never know what

it feels like to be terrified

of sleeping at night

when you know monsters are real.

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