fuck me...

the purity of
June 10, 2004 12:52 pm

so i guess

nostradomous was right

i wish id never met You.

Your face so flawless

like i still think You are.

this deep dark boy

is so bottomless

i told You id never

fake this

and who am i

to deserve You

but dont You worry

i never thought

for a second

i did

i aint a fan of this

i aint a fan of this

im Your biggest fan

doesnt that

count for something

get some credit


and im still Your

biggest fan.

i never expect

a single thing

from You.

i just wish

that id be something

in those eyes.

i dream of Your eyes

they looked so pretty

and silly boy

i guess i got my tears back.

all i needed was the purity.

of obsession.

let me hold Your hands

and place them on my lips

cant You feel

the worlds within them?

they got so much to say

and so much to breathe

and dont You get it?

they wont do any of the things

i wish they'd do.

if you aint touching them.

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