fuck me...

the wolf never was
June 16, 2004 12:25 am

G-O-D told me

that i should remember

that hes the he i should be praising

and my God told me

that i should decide

what i want

what i need

from Him.

He runs so fast

like the subway

when split second decisions

tell me to stop

He kisses so pretty

like elemental

when split second decisions

tell Him to stop

my brother delivered

the one true promise

that in my recollection

hes ever made

and way after days

and way after years

hes still killing me

and i wish he would stop

but he aint the He

whos controlling me now

and He is the He

that i want to destroy me

and Pretty is the killer

that i want to devour me

cos Hes much more effective

than the wolf ever was

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