fuck me...

First Holy Communion
June 14, 2004 1:14 pm

on the first day God layed down.

on the second day God turned and looked.

on the third day God smiled.

on the fourth day God shook.

on the fifth day God seperated his lips.

on the sixth day God kissed.

on the seventh day God waited for his praise.

I got my He.

their god retreats back behind the clouds and im so blasphemous.

so blasphemous.

wont somebody stop me

i know where im headed.

ive seen it.

i hate it

i love it

just a minute

just a second

just a taste

just a touch

and im back to where He puts me.

back to where i belong.

so come on baby

be my everything.

zip up Your God suit baby

Your almost there

come on baby

be my everything



just had

my first Holy Communion

tasted God's body and blood.

and im still hungry

im still thirsty

thirstier infact,

than i was before.

You got me praying

You got me worshipping

and i dont want to be blasphemous

so i'll just sit here and worship

in silence.

it aint sunday anymore

so i guess i can move freely

between hurt and ecstacy.

straddle the line

like i've been doing so much lately

let me be Your handmaiden.

i'll bring You joy in knowing

You got yourself a willing slave.

You gotta know.

You gotta see.

i got no hopes of being Your everything.

im just hoping to be Your anything.

Your whore

Your slave

Your friend

Your puppy

they'll say i got my numbers wrong

they'll say that You dont deserve

the capitalization

the pronounciation

of G-O-D

maybe this lil infacutation

wont last the day

and im not sure if i want it to

but Your the prettiest

and Your the blood

and Your the body

of my Lord and Saviour

Jesus Christ.

You got your crucifix,

and im just hoping

that You'll ask me

to bear it for You.

but that'd mean.

that You think about it,

as not a burden

as not a bearable weight

but as a gift.

no need to wrap it up in downplay

just hand it to me

i'm willing and able

so come on prettyboy

i can bear it.

let me be your anything

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