fuck me...

June 07, 2004 11:58 am

its not safe for her

its not safe for her

she cant walk



its not safe for her

we cant get it

we dont

we cant

i'll never know

what its like

for womyn

what its like

for people of colour

what its like

to be assaulted




or opressed

for being a womyn

a person of colour

a trans person

i never will

i never can.

because i am a man.

and womyn are womyn.

because i am white.

and i've been given privelages.

i can never understand what its like to always walk in the threat of violence because i'm a girl, cos im not.

and when i walk down the street at night i can feel safe in the fact that people will not bring violence against me for being a man.

so how come the terror?

why is it there?

i know why.

but people like to pretend it aint there.

people like to ignore it.

and i get why they ignore it.

but that doesnt make it dissapear,

and i wish it would.

when i walk down the street, at night, during the day, when im in a crowded store, when im with any guy i dont know, im terrified.

i gauge the risk and most of the time its very unsafe.

its not a survivor thing.

its a survival thing.

im a faggot.

im a threat to every man.

just living is threatening to them.

men (in general) can live their life free from terror.

but what about the scrawny femme boy singing lightly on the bus?

hes a pretty femme boy.

he aint got no upper body strength.

hes got his music playing.

its britney spears.

hes got his keys in his hand.

hoping he doesnt get harrased tonight.

hes got his jogging walk on.

he hopes he makes it to his house.

he hopes he doesnt run into any guys.

hes got his jeans ripped. they say fag and he hopes they wont read the letters.

hes got his eyes wide, ever vigilous.

hes looking back every 10 seconds.

hes remembering kissing his a prettyboy.

hes thinking about killing himself.

hes terrified.

he sees a womyn walking on the other side of the street,

she looks him up and down. tries to tell if hes a threat.

but he looks ahead, keeps singing softly, he glances aside, she nods solemnly.

he thinks she can tell hes just trying to get home.

he gets in his house.

and locks the door behind him.

hes out of the huge hateful world,

and enters another one, that pretends to be love.

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