fuck me...

June 04, 2004 3:58 pm

i got babybackbone and i got push and i got intellect. my spine justs out of my neck and back. seems wrong for me but it keeps me safe, keeps me whole, keeps me tired, keeps me weak. got my scizzors got my tape got my lips gonna change the world. got my pretty got my precious got my hunny got my superpower and i got my babybackbone jutting out of my neck. seems like a shame to waste all that energy on just treading the water. so black. so dark. who knows whats down there, brushing up against my feet like it knows i know. i got my pen in hand and a stake in the other and im not sure which one i should use to slay my demons. i got my peppy princess smile and i got my forked tounge and my fisticuffs and my billowy cape and you say, thats a good boy, drink your milk.

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