fuck me...

June 03, 2004 2:12 pm

where is the meteor?

smashing through the layers of protection

the earth thought would work

heading straight for my roof

im sitting on it

looking up

what am i doing?

will it matter?

i just dont want to be here.

i hate it here.

i cant stand it.

make me normal.

make me real.

make me feel.

ice boy needs a sword.

ice boy needs a word.

ice boy needs a or.

an or

a choice

one or the other

give me an ultimatum

free me

from this self containment

i wrap myself up in bandages

my entire body

i say mummify

you say rejuvination

i say

cover the nose and mouth

and you say

you wont be able to breath

i say

what else is new?

i sit here smiling

just let it end

cos suicide is so passe

and meteors are so much less work.

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