fuck me...

left hook
June 03, 2004 5:30 pm

its a bright summer day out and when i touch my lips i can tell that im always on my own. in the end, it all comes down to me. i am him. but not him him. not my brother him. me him. i am him. i am the faggot supreme and while i may sound like a fruity iced cream popstickle, i'm actually just the queen bee. the queen of montreal and of all things buzzy and fresh. im the queer crusader and i dont take no shit from no one, unless they intimidate me in the bad bad way. i got style and groove and i got that lil twinkle in my eye right before i pull the knife out of my back and spread cruchy spider butter onto my sandwhich with it. i talk big and walk big and think big and i am big. im the tiny king of ultimate unsanity, and im the gianormous queen of the coveted and renowned easy access wittiness. you think you got it to? well lets duel, tounges in cheeks and fingers in asses. show me what you got kay? show me your true colours and i'll match them. i'll head over to para paints and pick your colours out on little paint chips and whip me up a fresh batch. lets combat, i'll bring my spiceboots as long as you bring your loafers and lets see who's shorter, i bet its me. loafers aint all that make you tall you know, you got a strong backbone and an even stronger right uppercut. but i got tough jaw muscles from biting my tounge all these years and you aint lifting me off the rubble with that uppercut. you break your fingers and i chuckle and spread my wings. im the slutbag from transylvania and i got intuition and education and i may not have words but i got the thoughts. i can outthink you anyday, any way. so come on, lemme see your left hook, i bet i can take it.

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