fuck me...

silly faggot
June 01, 2004 11:47 am

he said

you want the blue

i said okay, what do i need to do?


i was up for anything

he said

i did

he said

i did

he said

i did

he said i did

he said i would


ambivalent whore

time to learn

what he set in motion

time to learn

what its like

to really be dirty.

time to learn

what you now have to survive.

silly faggot

thought the worst was over.

silly faggot

thought that you'd crossed that bridge

silly faggot

i'm such a silly faggot.

and its about time

that i figured out

that hes inside me

every fibre

is laced

every molecule


truth hurts

and im cracking my head against the screen

and im cracking

silly whore

x it out

x it all out

not dismissing it

not against it

just covering it

just placing it behind the scenes

silly boy

thought that you could

survive this without

shedding some blood

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