fuck me...

the first true thing i've ever said.
May 11, 2004 4:18 pm

im so scared that ill lose her if i am honest. i know im being honest because it seems everytime i am i cry. im cryign now. im scared that shell see me like him. and thats the truth i didnt want to admit to myself. thats what im in denial about. im scared that being bisexual means being my brother. but thats not all. thats not it. thats what i say it is. but what i mean is im scared being bisexual means being her grandfather. she my one precious and im just scared that shell be gone if im honest. that i'll be every man thats harrased her. thats why im scared. i dont want to hurt her. but im so stupid because she can tell i lie to myself and her. i lie about who i am. i pretend im fine when im not. i pretend im levity dressed in issues when im issues dressed in levity. im so scared that being myself means being someone she couldnt love.

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