fuck me...

salty that
05/09/2004 5:22 pm

starts off normally i guess

one look

one glance

one step

so crushing yet

so casual

i go so quickly i guess

1, skip 2, 3, 7, 9 and

all the while i pray

that next time,

i'll go slow

i swear nect time i'll go so slow

and i'll say i didn't see it coming

but whos fault is that

i'll say thet didnt see me running

but whos fault is that

fuck me whos fault is that?

your hoops,

i jump

i draw the line in chalk

and i shuffle back and forth

crossing it

blurring it

one or two or

17 promises that ive made

and begrudgingly kept

but i cant promise anything

except my best

and i wont accept your tears

as my own personal burden

shoulder it, carry it,

like theyre the water i retain.

too salty

too many

i lied

i shoulder every burden

im just trying

to be stronger

to be poetic,

so blurry that,

i have to wonder

am i even look at

the right line anymore

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