fuck me...

05/04/2004 1:56 pm

once again my brother screwed me over.

i cant go to london this weekend.


i have 2 see jenn's play

i guess i'll take a train to london, see the earliest show on saturday,

then take a train back to toronto that night, then go to the homohop. lol

this better work out. my life has to change. and it will. i need it to. i am GOING to go to WAYV tonight. i will try my best. hopefully. well i guess i should leave at 6:00 since it starts at 7:30... i have to get out more. i wish my computer didnt have a virus, but i know it has to, its my punishment for being beautiful. lol.

well yeah, things should work out. not because i need them to. because they have to. cos what will i do if they dont? nothing. and thats so fucking scary. i cant do nothing. i need to have a life, and stuff.

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