fuck me...

Thursday, Apr. 29, 2004 15:05

im not you know

by all accounts

im not at all

by any account

and if you think i am

as i truly do

show me some proof.

just show me the proof.

why cant i be good

like the hot boys

like the sexy boys

like the smart boys

like the wanted boys


by all acounts

by the standards that count


im trying hard

to be good

i know i could be

i know i can be

but i keep fucking up

messing up

tripping up

and slipping up

and then im back to my stationary position

the freak position

pink hair

no hair

ripped jeans

faggot shirt

why cant i be good

im trying

let me be good

let me be good

let me be good

why cant a boy like me be good

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