fuck me...

Tuesday, Apr. 27, 2004 16:51

im tired of being bashed and bashed and bashed. define queer bashing.

when a straight says thats so gay

when a straight looks at me funny when im with my boyfriend

when a straight calls me a faggot

when a straight throw shit at me

when a straight wants to kick my fucking teeth in

when a straight doesnt notice that everything is built for straights

when a straight takes a gun, and blows my fucking head off

when a straight thinks anal play is for faggots

when a straight even so much as THINKS about me in a negative way because im a faggot.

thats what bashing is.

all equal in severity.

all aimed at queers.

all aimed at me.

every time.

well fuck straights.

and fuck homophobes.

i dont think i have to draw a line anywhere.


its all about love.

its all about sex.

and you know what.

fuck them.

im bitter.

and more so,

im angry!

im fucking pissed off.

and more so,

i have a fucking right to be.

i have the right to say FUCK STRAIGHTS.

i have the right to say FUCK STRAIGHTS.

i have the right to say FUCK GUYS... and literally this time.

they say; but im not like that.

the fuck your not.


if you are straight.

you are like that.

just because you dont HATE US.

doesnt mean your not like the rest of them.

maybe to a lesser degree.

but you still are.

and i dont need to feed your ego by saying 'no, you are not like that.'

so fuck straights.

i will defend myself.

and if that means when someone calls me a faggot a fucking rip their balls off, then so be it.

fuck straights.

"You're so predictable no shadow of doubt

when you are suffering know who sold you out

Fuck your opinions

Fuck your lack of spine

When you are miserable

Know that I'm just fine

You go solo

your faggot rainbow

your junkie ego

won't save you this time"

so fuck straights.

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