fuck me...

be my enemy
Thursday, Apr. 22, 2004 17:09

even sour is turning sour

and bitter is turning bitter

cant you touch me in the way he didnt

cant you show me how to feel my way

be my enemy,

come on,

you know i want you to.

be him.

try it,

your almost there

try it,

i'd like to see your version.

show me your idea of love.

voice your opinion of pain.

analyze me,

assumptions and discrestions

and pretending to be who you want to be.

well come on,

be my enemy,

try it baby,

be my enemy.

(stealth) i gotta have it

(assasins) its all i know

(silent) you're almost there

(wincing) just zip it right up

(running) tounge hanging out

(tripping) saliva on your chin (screaming) panting.

its amazing how everything he was comes out sexual

everything i dont want you to be is so sexual.

zip up your wolfsuit baby

you're almost him

hang that tounge out hunny,

flopping on your fangs,

you're almost him,


did you think that i was going to be the one for you?

did you think that i was going to be your fucking nish?

im not a fucking lovesick checker piece that you could know in your way.

queen me baby,

queen me.

queen me.

call me baby

call me hon,

like you're every man.

you said that feeling empowered was finally becoming a man.

you say you know your privelages.

you see me as your sheath.

well this CUNTboy aint your fucking sheath.

im not your fucking sheath.

dont be every man.

dont be my brother,

her grandfather,

the person who i hope i'll never fucking be.

you use her like you pose


it must be nice to have an adoring fan.

hanging on your arm.

hanging on your every word.

hanging on your cock.

hanging from her ceiling,

cos of you.

come on baby,

be my enemy.

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