fuck me...

My Shitty Room
Monday, Apr. 19, 2004 12:11

i have to pee.

i was on the phone with erin until about 4 in the morning, then i went to sleep like right away, except that i woke up at like 6 in the morning, put back on my jeans, belt, and t-shirt, and went right back to bed. I wish i'd stop waking up with my clothes back on. But bedtime bear was a comfort, he always is. Especially when he works day and night to make me small blue 'mints' in a small blue tine. I feel icky. I think i should do those things today... Like brush my teeth, clean my nails, maybe put some sort of product in my hair so it isn't a halfro. I feel like today is a rainy day so i should rent movies and watch them in the dark while eating chips from big bowls and popcorn too and stuff. And then the season premiere of queer as folk! But im not gonna, maybe i'll get clean(ish) and dressed and tidy up my room a bit, but the other stuff is way to far-fetched. So much fucking work. I wish my room would stop getting so dirty. I guess it's my fault, but that doesnt seem likely. Maybe it's ulentine's fault? No... ima be accountable. Its mostly my fault. (lol) but i blame satan. with her little devil eyes, and small paws with in/out claws to grab stuff, drage it across the room, laff in a deep throaty echoey voice, and then walk out. AND SHE STOLE MY RAM RAMSEY!!! The one that you shake and he goes baa, baa! Oh ramsey, when will you return to me??? CLICK HERE TO SEE RAMSEY Oh i dont know WHAT to do now. I guess i could get ready for the day or whatever, that seems plausible, but i dont know if im gunna... i guess i hafta, i dont have a cellphone anymore, so i have to make sure im buy a fone incase it rings. damn losing stuff aspect of my personality. I dont have anyones numbers either anymore... grr.... but hopefully i'll get a pager this week. much cooler than a cell phone anyways, its like caller id but better. you can just say... whuops, sorry, but i didnt get your page, and you dont have to pick up cuz u cant cuz its a pager... :: snickers :: oh well... i guess i should do that thing were i become slightly productiveish. OKAY, OKAY TALK TO YA LATER, OKAY, OKAY BYYYYYYYYYYYYE!

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