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Sunday, Mar. 21, 2004 19:40

My Poly Rules

1) Talking about large developments is okay but certain details are only talked about on request or with permisson.

2) Always safer sex, and if there is a slip-up, all partners must be notified immediatley.

3) Time must be divided fairly.

4) All romantic/sexual partners must be aware of your poly status.

5) No harboured hostility towards other partners.

6) Always be perfectly honest.

7) Space is given as space is needed without hostility or resentment, explanations are a must.

8) You cannot break an arrangement with one partner for another without special circumstance.

9) Talking about large developments with other partners/friends is okay, but certain details are only taked about with permission.

10) When two partners of one person are present together, no discluding actions are appropriate.

11) Jealousy must be discussed and worked through if present.

12) Help can be requested, and assistance can be offered, but without expectation of acceptance.

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