fuck me...

Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2004 14:46

I took some new pictures, these ones actually look like I do right now. Heh, one new look a week, sometimes two or more.



So yeah....

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Mmmmm Queer As Folk. Erin and I decided it would be productive to watch qaf yesterday. She tried to come to my house but got lost and ended up in a McDonalds bathroom stall whispering like the crazy lady and her pet tampon. Then I went to downsview station on the 84 then took the 84 back to my house right after. LoL. I went back in time! :D
Eh, I dunno. I wrote this thing a couple days ago so i could figure out my life, didn't exactly work out that way but its kind of close.... _____
Feeling (on and off) physically and emotionally drawn to someone for a short period of time.
> Sense of longing when they aren�t with you.
> A preemptive whhhhat when the subject of feelings arises.
> Wanting the best for them, no matter what.
> Not caring about the conflictions in personalities.
> Not wanting to say goodbye.
> Wishing I wasn�t infatuated and doing the creepy grin I do because I like emotional pain.

>> � Because I used to be a superhero, no one could touch me not even myself, you were like a phone booth that I somehow stumbled into, now look at me I am just like everybody else � <<
>> � If I gave you my number, would it still be the same? � <<
>> � Because nobody knows that�s how I nearly fell, trading clothes and ringing Pavlov�s bell. � <<
>> � I grab a new seat, don�t like the one I got, the fabrics wearing through and its wearing me out, you�re wearing me down. � <<
>> �It�s a silly time to learn to swim when you start to drown; It�s a silly time to learn to swim on the way down.� <<
>> �I counted the webs from all the spiders, catching things and eating their insides like indecision to call you.� <<
>> �Where are you, and I�m so sorry, I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight.� <<
>> �No, I don�t know how to hold you without shaking. No I'm not aware of how I could possibly love you without aching. Yes I give you everything, yes I give you anything, I gave you everything. � <<
>> � And she is choking on the smoke of unthinkable choices and she is haunted by the voices of so many desires, she�s bent over from the business of begging forgiveness while frantically running around putting out fires. � <<
>> � I am walking out in the rain and I am listening to the low moan of the dial tone again and I am getting nowhere with you and I cant let it go and I cant get through. � <<
>> � I am recording our history now on the bedroom wall and when we leave the landlord will come and paint over it all. � <<
>> � For everything I broke in two you�re barely missing me and imp missing you, and everything you do, I really do, sure I do. � <<
>> �He grabs me by the hand and drags me to the shore and says maybe you don�t love me but you�ll grow to love me even more!� <<
Yeah� so I stole a bunch of quotes from my Jamie songs� so what?!??!

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