fuck me...

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2004

>>>From the pages of my Cha! Cha! Ta-Da

Okay, he is like insanely hhhhot! Oh my fucking god! I actually wimpered when he was talking LoL. I think he is queer but that could just be wishful thinking. Probably... I must seduce him; that has been decided. I need to be seductive. A.K.A -> Dye my hair, loose the make-up until he is all MINE! :: Laughs Evily :: :: Doesn't think of NOT scaring him off :: ... Okay it is cold... where are you nish??? Oh fuck he is soooo hot! Oh Fucking shit hes hhhhot! Okay he just walked by me. :: eyes everyone suspiciously :: I must seduce him A LOT! SEDUCE!!!

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