fuck me...

May 21st 2002.
May 21st 2002. 9:40 p.m.

May 21st 2002.

Is there a reason I ever found her funny? Stupid bitch, oh well... she is shit! Ignorant ignorant slut. Worth nothing. God just shut up already, I should have stayed home. German Bitch. If I didn't have to eat, I wouldn't have to be with them for 40 LONG minutes a day! Too Bad.

I would kill myself, if I were her. Plus much needed torture. 6 minutes go... yippie fucking doodle. YES! Maybe if I pull the fire alarm, I could take off and go home early?

*L* Ugh.

I hate them! Why does everything have to be her way? Why can't I... if I am tired (and don't want to walk like triple the way I have to, to get to class) why can she not walk ME to class for a change instead of walking her? maria isn't funny, she isn't nice, she is an idiot... I like 'Cracklock matthew santos' the freak more than I like maria! What a 'yidiot'... I hope she finds out what a loser she is, and kills herself.

P.S. Ugh ... I am not going to laugh at their stupid jokes just to make them feel better anymore. They are worthless, beneath me, and a complete and cows udder waste of my time.

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